"...pop melodies are absolutely catchy; the lyrics are inspiring...pieces of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and a tinge of Jack Johnson; and there is absolutely nothing wrong with those comparisons!"
~Stephen Christian, lead singer and songwriter for Anberlin
"I think the best word to describe Erich Mace's music is "upbeat"--and I mean that both tempo and lyrically. When I listen to his CD "Arise", I am struck by the positive and encouraging tone of his lyrics. Additionally, Erich's songs are catchy and memorable. He's a gifted singer, songwriter and musician. And what I've heard of Erich's new songs suggests that he has continued to grow as an artist. I look forward to hearing and seeing him on the local music scene (and beyond) for years to come."
~93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes host Mark Rogers
"In just a couple of songs you will notice that Erich Mace is not just another singer/songwriter. Besides his all-American good looks, Erich's songs take on a life of their own- - and none of them sound the same. His melodys at once catchy and positive. His delivery is refined, indicating his dedication to his craft and years of practice. His voice both engaging and soothing and he demonstrates a wide vocal range. Erich surrounds himself with some of the finest musicians in the Philadelphia area and is continually developing. Despite the short time he has been a full-time musician, Erich has developed a steady and enthusiastic fan base."
~Jane Tucker, Manager of Steel City Coffeehouse, Phoenixville, PA
"Milo Adventist Academy had the privilege of the musical and ministerial talents of Erich Mace this past March [2008]. It was a refreshing and up-lifiting experience. Erich's ability to be vulnerable is refreshing and his desire to be real with students was awe-inspiring. We thought that he connected well and the content of his lyrics and the way they were woven by his personal experiences were just the right things for our students to hear. The best thing about Erich was the care he gave and extended after and before his performances. I was deeply moved by the time and attention he took to spend time with our students - he was really intentional with this part of his ministry and it made a huge impact."
~Pastor Jeff Deming, Pastor / Chaplain Milo Adventist Academy, Milo, OR
"Now, we just watched 'American Idol' and were expecting... well, you know. But all of us were pleasantly surprised. Nice ballads to soft harmonic style voice. Heartfelt lyrics that seemed to express stories of his life. I dug it."
~Chris, owner of The Nail, Ardmore, PA
" features good musical and melodic parts and a memorable hook. The strong and sincere vocal delivery suits the material well. The musicianship is solid, tight and fitting and the production sounds good overall."
~TAXI on "One Day Won"